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FO-29 sked 14-19 Aug

Here is tentative FO-29 operation sked from JARL command station.

           from   to
   14 Aug  0245z  eclipse (0322z +??)
           0426z  eclipse (0509z +??)
           0615z  eclipse (0655z +??)
   15 Aug  0335z  eclipse (0413z +??)
           0520z  eclipse (0559z +??)
   16 Aug  0240z  eclipse (0317z +??)
           0425z  eclipse (0504z +??)
           0610z  eclipse (0650z +??)
   17 Aug  0330z  eclipse (0408z +??)
           0515z  eclipse (0554z +??)
   18 Aug  0235z  eclipse (0312z +??)
           0420z  eclipse (0459z +??)
           0605z  eclipse (0645z +??)
   19 Aug  0323z  eclipse (0403z +??)
           0510z  eclipse (0549z +??)

Telemetry reception report is welcome. Please send report to
lab_at-sign_jarl.or.jp  (_at-sign_ is @)


Masa  JN1GKZ   Tokyo Japan

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