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Re: 2 ghz antenna question

Many people don't realize they're running these 802.11 links above  
the legal EIRP limits for point-to-point (different than point-to- 
multipoint) links.

It's not like the FCC is running over themselves to police it, but we  
hams supposedly have more knowledge of what we're doing, and probably  
can hold ourselves to a higher technical standard and stay within the  
law... even if they don't seem to care much these days.

http://michwave.com/bbnetwork/faq/fcc.htm <- Aimed at people running  
WIreless ISP's, and a decent reference without having to dig through  
Part 15.

With the recent discussion here about 2.4 GHz "pollution" causing  
design changes to whole transponders on the AMSAT world-wide  
projects, it also seems a bit like we all want our Part 97 cake and  
then we want to eat the Part 15 cake too.  (GRIN)

Joe's setup looks like it comes in under the wire for P-t-P, but  
Chris didn't say how much power he was going to put into his antenna  
setup, nor the feedline type (to calculate feedline loss, since power  
is measured at the input to the antenna for these EIRP limitations).   
And it's 1:30 AM... so I probably (more than a 90% chance!?) did the  
math wrong.

Do your own bad math, I'm perfectly bad at math without any outside  
assistance!  (GRIN)  ;-)

Nate Duehr, WY0X

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