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Re: ARRL dual moxon turnstyle project questions

At 09:48 PM 8/7/2007, Bill Ress wrote:
>I'll second what Tony says, especially if you use the omni antenna's 
>he has designed (which I also use and highly recommend - and they're 
>really easy to build).
>While Tony is modest, you can get his design and construction 
>details for both his 146 and 435 MHz antenna's in the 2006 AMSAT 
>Symposium Proceedings (available on the AMSAT website - I know a 
>callous plug!!).
>What? No AMSAT Proceedings handy?? Then try the current August 2007 
>issue of QST where Tony describes his 2 Meter EZ-Lindenblad. (Tony - 
>will the 70cm antenna be in next month's QST??)
>Regards...Bill - N6GHz


>A "parasitic" Lindenblad??
>Please fill me in! I just ordered all the aluminum
>tubing for the 2M version, and plan to build one soon
>after it gets here. Looking forward to comparing it to
>the M2 eggbeater I'm using now.
>73, Jim  KQ6EA

Hi Bill and Jim,

Thank you for the vote of confidence!

On 70cm, the dimensions are too critical to scale the
EZ-Lindenblad. Instead, I developed a "Parasitic Lindenblad"
antenna that uses just a single driven element along with a
passive parasitic circular polarizer. This takes advatage of the
small size of the elements on 70cm and is much easier to build.

I presented a paper on this at the last AMSAT Symposium but
I have continued to work on improvements to make it even easier to
build and to get rid of the ferrites that were needed. I hope to
finish in time for this years Space Symposium.

Tony AA2TX

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