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Re: Video on YouTube

Quoting Robert McGwier <rwmcgwier@gmail.com>:

> Howard:
> Thank you very much for this.  This is inspirational to say the least 
> and it has me wanting to make a suggestion.  I think everyone 
> understands the impact this has on the kids.  But they are so rehearsed
> and nervous typically that they stand at ATTENTION, etc.  Don't get me 
> wrong.  They are very excited and the after reviews are universally 
> positive.
> However, if want wants to see the impact in the raw,  we could use a 
> camera or two looking at the family and friends and peers of these kids.
>   I have seen people almost jump out of their clothes and parents 
> literally break down and cry at the excitement or joy they feel.  Anyone
> who ever goes to one of these and cannot see, hear, feel, almost taste 
> the emotional impact this is having on the audience, is without senses 
> and a heart.  I would rather the voted out of office in AMSAT rather 
> than ever fail to support the continuation of this program.
> Many do not realize just how small the cadre of solid volunteers are 
> available to the AMSAT's of the world.  If we inspire one or two people
> at each of these to get interested and a few of them come back later to
> help us,  it is a huge deal.  This is an investment, we can and will, no
> MUST make.
> 73's
> Bob
> N4HY

It might be added that a similar amount of excitement can be generated and
felt when an informed group of students are able to acquire the signal from
 one of our satellites. I think we should be preparing, individually and
collectively, for the educational opportunity of SuitSat2, which I believe
is planned for a Feb. 'launch'. SuitSat2 is especially exciting because it
showcases and provides a test platform for amateur work which is truly
cutting-edge and will be integrated into our next generation of HEO's.

Perhaps some of us could collaborate on a set of PowerPoint slides that set
the scene. For the gr. 5-8 group that I've been presenting to, I think the
story of the last SuitSat is a good starting place: that a world-wide team
of amateurs like us saved its b(e)acon by being able to receive and decode
a mW-level signal; that this time they've tricked 'Mr. Smith' out with a
solar panel and a transponder. Additionally, perhaps those closer to the
SDX effort could make a set of slides regarding it that would be of use to
people making presentations at clubs or in universities. KA3HDO's slides at
are a good introduction.

This time of year is ideal for contacting school administrators and
teachers about doing such an in-class presentation. They are back in the
saddle and excited about making the up-coming year as engaging and
interesting as possible. 

73, Bruce

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