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Re: Video on YouTube

Hi Bob

You're so right. In some ways I've become a little jaded after some of these
events where I didn't get the impression that the level engagement was
always there.

At this event, that was certainly there during the event itself, which was
pleasantly surprising because we had a real problem getting the organisers
to be particularly helpful or cooperative.

I was controlling the radio side, and Carlo G0AKI was organising the kids at
the mic. It's a standard setup we've done together before - this is the
ninth contact we've benn involved with! I would have LOVED to have had a
proper video of everything else going on, but as you can see it was very
dark too! I tried to get more lighting in there, and was assured the day
before that it would be there, but guess what... next time I'll organise my
own lighting. Even if the lighting had been right, in reality we needed
someone to do a decent video too. I will see if we can do that next time.

What I liked about this one was the round of applause we got when the
astronaut finally answers. We did not prime the audience for that, and it's
the first time it's happened to us. Carlos likes to start the calls a minute
too early - it seems to get the adrenaline flowing rather well.


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Thank you very much for this.  This is inspirational to say the least and it
has me wanting to make a suggestion.  I think everyone understands the
impact this has on the kids.  But they are so rehearsed and nervous
typically that they stand at ATTENTION, etc.  Don't get me wrong.  They are
very excited and the after reviews are universally positive.

However, if want wants to see the impact in the raw,  we could use a camera
or two looking at the family and friends and peers of these kids. 
  I have seen people almost jump out of their clothes and parents literally
break down and cry at the excitement or joy they feel.  Anyone who ever goes
to one of these and cannot see, hear, feel, almost taste the emotional
impact this is having on the audience, is without senses and a heart.  I
would rather the voted out of office in AMSAT rather than ever fail to
support the continuation of this program.

Many do not realize just how small the cadre of solid volunteers are
available to the AMSAT's of the world.  If we inspire one or two people at
each of these to get interested and a few of them come back later to help
us,  it is a huge deal.  This is an investment, we can and will, no MUST


Howard Long wrote:
> Folks
> I uploaded a video on YouTube that you may be interested in showing 
> last weekend's QSO with astronaut Clay Anderson:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1swyCCTbP1w
> Howard G6LVB

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