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Re: AO-7 report.- Band switching

Hello Kevin, Roger,
                          Kevin, I'm glad you dug out one of my earlier 
posts re: the timer issue.

(Roger, I'm the chappie the >>>>'s are referring to in the following post).


Like I already mentioned ... and Kevin repeats ... it's no big deal, lets 
just wait and see.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, no harm done. Lets not waste anymore bandwidth on 
it ok? ...
however, Roger, it would be impolite of me not to answer you questions.

>I would love to hear your version of what will happen when there is a lack 
>of eclipse for the satellite

As I previously mentioned, I would expect the satellite to remain in the 
mode it was in as it came out of eclipse. As I also mentioned, I would stand 
corrected if that doesn't happen ... ie ... it is
not !!! a big deal and if I'm wrong ... I'm wrong ... no harm done.

Please note that I am *NOT* the first AO-7 operator to come to this 

>Are you saying AO-7 went up without a timer?

No ... I'm not saying that, I am saying that the designer and constructor of 
the apparatus in question told me that the components used were not as 
stated in the 1974 newsletter.

<Are you saying the timer is no longer functioning?

I have said earlier and am saying now !!! ... that the timer functions 
PERIODICALLY ... as can be seen by the entries in the log for the last 3 
years ... (monitored by myself).

Perhaps a re-read of my original mail might be of value here?.

The intent ... to make a simple observation for the benefit of those who 
don't necessarily follow the daily "doings" of AO-7 like I do.

Nothing more - nothing less. No form of criticism to anybody or anything 
offered or implied.

>how is it you determined that the timer is no longer "in the mix?"

By monitoring the satellite daily for the last 3 years.

>If AO-7 comes out it's "final" eclipse in Mode A, will it stay there?.

Who knows !!! ... I certainly don't. I think the real experts all agree ... 
it *random* ... the reasons are many and varied ... *NOT* just temerature 
and age.

CC'd to interested parties.

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>   AO-7 Resource Page Admin:

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