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ARRL dual moxon turnstyle project questions

I'm working on building the ARRL dual moxon antennas, but the article
isn't very detailed where I'd like it to be and a little over detailed in
some places I wish it weren't.

If you want to look, this is the URL

1. What are acceptable ways to terminate the paralled 75 ohm matching
sections? I'm thinking now I'll just terminate them to a couple of ring
terminals attached to the mast rather than terminating each one with a bnc
and teeing them.

2. How do I feed the 70cm and 2m with the same feedline? should I just tee
a 50 ohm line to two equal length 50 ohm sections?

3. This is more of a comment... I'm wagering the uhf version doesn't work
at all... measurements are given to the hundreth of an inch - and then you
solder a big ring lug to the end of it!

4. Are there any other good techniques for setting the distance between
the reflector and driver besides heat shrink?

The 70cm antenna is using #14 galvanized wire, and I can't think of
anything small enough to hold them in place well. I found that the 3/16
rod for the 2m moxon will work great with 1/4" nylon tubing.

Thanks for any feedback - I'll probably have more questions.. I'm sitting
here with a half-made 70cm turnstyle, and am about to start on the 2m

Whew - I'm beginning to think that a $1000 investment in rotators and
antennae isn't such a bad idea after all!

Scott Wilson

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