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Re: Measuring the ADC output of a sound card

Alan P. Biddle wrote:
> Nate and others,
> Brand new, out of the box Friday, though UPS said it was scheduled today,
> Monday.  The PCB has a 2006 revision date on it, but lacking an older one, I
> can't do any comparisons.

Sounds like my worries are probably unfounded then.

Looking forward to seeing mine "soon" since I was told "your order is 
one of the oldest"... when I called just prior to the ARRL June VHF contest.

> Thanks to those who responded to my question.  Using a combination of
> answers, and software, I was able to determine what I needed to know.  It
> turns out that it is running about 85% of "full scale," which of course is
> an excellent match.

Glad she's workin' for you.  Sure looked like a good unit, but this 3+ 
month wait for two units to arrive sure has me thinking I'll never order 
from TigerTronics ever again...

Of course, good products trump all sorts of shipping delays and bad 
customer service, when many other products simply don't have the 
features that one does...

We shall see if anything ever arrives in the mail...

Nate WY0X
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