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AO-7 report.

A study of the AO-7 eclipse charts for the last 3 years shows a progression 
toward non-elipse orbits in late 2007 - 2008.

In effect, this means that AO-7 in all probability will not change mode 
unless anything untoward happens.

It also means that we appear to have a permanent mode-B LEO linear 
transponder for the forseeable future ... providing operators follow the 
recommended operating proceedure.

Please *do* decrease your power as the satellite approaches TCA to avaoid 

This not only helps the satellite, it helps the other operators in the 

Don't be fooled by propagation anomolies. The mode-B transponder is working 
well and will continue to do so providing the alligators go and play 
somewhere else. Under normal circumstances you do NOT !! need a lot of 
power. Please use only the necessary to maintain adequate communications. If 
you can't copy people adequately, you should improve your receiving 
capabilities rather than increasing your uplink power ... remember, 
aluminium is cheap and it's a lot more user friendly to everyone concerned 
.... with perhaps the exception of your neighbours.

For all intents and purposes, AO-7 is a QRP satellite. Please treat it as 

73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>

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