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AO-7 log.

Hello Group,
                 Regarding the AO-7 Resource Page log.

I was asked what I meant by my earlier remark of "sloppy". Please allow me 
to  explain.

I think we all agree that for 'data' to be valid and meaningful it has to be 
'entered' correctly.
If not, the results will give a false picture.

An example:

30th-July-07 at 09:05 on orbit 49661 station ****** worked station ******

AO-7 on orbit 49661 at 09:05 was in fact over Antarctica so neither ****** 
nor ****** were in
the footprint of AO-7.

Therefore, the actual QSO would be valid but the timing would be way off ... 
thereby giving a false overall impression.

It is not expected that one logs the 'exact' time of each contact since it 
is possible to work several stations on the same pass ... each to be entered 
on the same line ... but it would be advantagous
if stations would log their contacts with the correct data.

It's perfectly OK to log the contacts 'later' if you're busy ... but please 
do enter the data correctly.

If you make a mistake, you can edit your entry by clicking on the hourglass 
to edit it.

Thank you.

73 John.   <la2qaa@ansat.org>   AO-7 Resource Page Admin:

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