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Tower mast question

Howdy all,
	I am preparing to set up a satellite station with
M2 2MCP22 and 436CP42UG antenna's.
The wind loads are...

2MCP22	2.5 sq. ft.
436CP42UG	2.0 sq. ft.

	I have a Glen Martin RT-424 (with thrust bearing), 4.5' tall roof tower
that is rated
for 6 sq. ft. of load at 87mph.
I will be mounting it on my deck as opposed to the roof. (My climbing days
are over:-)
My deck is approximately 12' off the ground on 6x6 posts and VERY sturdy.

	I will be using a Yaesu G-5500 rotor in a split configuration with
the AZ rotor inside the tower and the EL rotor at the top of the mast.
I also will be using a 8' fiberglass cross boom to mount the antenna's on.

	Now that all of the prerequisite specifications are listed, here is my
What should I use for a mast? It will have to be fairly long (15-20') since
turning radius for the antenna's are around 10' and I am worried about
it being so long that it will bend or provide a fulcrum to damage the tower.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

I live in a 75mph wind zone.


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