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D-star on satellite

If you come by the AO-27 web site http://www.ao27.org/AO27/index.shtml
you can read the whole text. Seems we will soon have to share the pass bands
and it will be probably the next year field day prime mode as this new mode 
will not have many user at this very early stage.

It will be interesting to see how the control teams will deal with this new 
mode? as doppler seems not to be an issue but it will be very helpful to all 
the users to know which satellite who can pass D-Star to avoid testing on 
numerous pass.

I don't know if the eagle and P3E construction teams have planned this mode in 
their design?

here is an excerpt from the article.
For others that want to try D-Star via Satellite we have a few things to keep 
in mind. 

1) Remember that the FM users can't hear you on the bird.  
They hear a strong "noise" but can't decode you. So please keep the D-Star 
transmitting short.  
If you can monitor the FM side, you can time your transmitting as to not step 
on them.  
Please try to schedule with other D-Star users instead of calling CQ for the 
entire pass.
2) Watch the doppler, at times you may not be able to decode a signal even if 
the other station can decode you.
Keep your uplink on 145.850 for the entire pass.  Program your radio call signs 
the same as for simplex, AO-27
does not have a D-Star call sign.  You don't need to set up your radio for 
repeater use.
3) Before using other satellites besides AO-27, please check with the control 
operators of those satellites.  Every
FM satellite may not pass the D-Star signal nor may the control operators wish 
to have D-Star traffic on the bird.
 4) If you here us on the Bird, please give us a call.  We would love to have 
as many D-Star users on AO-27 as possible.

The AO-27 Control Operators fully support and encourage the use of D-Star via 
Satellite on AO-27.

A shout goes out to ICOM for creating Radios for this Fun new Amateur mode of 
operation. Without their radios we could not have made this contact.

AO-27 Control Operator


"SSB push away AM.  Is D-Star will push away analog transmission on satellite?"

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE

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