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Three more words on AO7

Hello everyone,

> Please enjoy AO-7, and remember to keep your uplinks into AO-7 at levels 
> low
> enough that they don't "FM" or distort the passband. There are several
> regular users on the satellite, so making QSOs is usually possible on most
> passes.
> 73, Drew KO4MA
> AMSAT-NA VP of Operations

Yes Drew a number of us try to enjoy sevaral passes a day.



I mean some operators simply not able to forget a kind of "standard QSO 

There is no time to send more info than report, LOC and -perhaps- a name, 
when it is a very first QSO.

May I call attention of all those who do not always keep it in mind how 
short an orbit can be?

Yesterday I have been waiting for a certain station who started to send info 
about his equipment
-and when he finished, the orbit was also finished for me!

Sevaral station may wait for you when you are in QSO!

I do hope experienced radio operators will help "rag chewers" to make their 
Qs shorter!

gl de ha6nn

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