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PCSAT-1 in Full Sun, Recovery Possible

PCSAT-1 is entering the full sun in the next day or so...

PCSAT-1 is fully recoverable *if* we can just find the right
time (and place) to send the commands.  For the past 6 years, we
have always been able to fully recover PCSAT-1 during a full sun
period (during the Fall, Winter and Spring) because of favorable
sun angles on the -Z face.

We have never been successful during the Summer full sun periods
because the sun is in the Northern Hemisphere and our best solar
panel points the other way.  In fact, monitoring 145.825 we hear
nothing from PCSAT-1 (W3ADO-1) (in the Northeren Hemisphere).

HOWEVER, I just realized that we have never really made an
all-out effort to try to revive PCSAT-1 in the Southern
Hemisphere, or mid latitudes during the Summer.  Where we
commmand from can make all the difference since each latitude
sees PCSAT-1 at a different orientation during this full sun
period.  We need to find the right one to get the 2 commands in
for a full recovery.

So, we are looking for stations not in the mid Northern
Latitudes to *monitor* 145.825 MHz for packets from W3ADO-1 in
other parts of the world.  If you get any packets, let us know.
You might be in the right place.  The http://pcsat.aprs.org
shows that none of the existing ground stations are hearing
W3ADO-1 right now.  But then most of our ground stations are in
the Northern Hemisphere.

We only get one week to recover PCSAT-1.  But if we recover it,
it usually last for a month.

All potential recovery passes are in the mid morning in the
Southern Hemisphere.

Anyway, just something else to do if you have time...
US Naval Academy Satellite Lab

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