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Re: Using a scanner to hear the FM sats?

 Thanks to everyone who replied to my question. I'm going to give it a 
shot, I have nothing to lose. I've got a 2 meter mobile for the uplink 
so hearing the downlink well enough is the issue. Luckily I live out in 
the "boonies" and it's quiet out here as far as RF. I don't anticipate 
any intermod issues. My main concerns will be the scanner sensitivity 
and tuning for doppler it appears.
Tony Langdon wrote:
> At 10:38 AM 5/31/2007, Michael Tondee wrote:
>> Due to some money issues, I had to sell all my sat gear including my
>> beloved  TS-2000X. I've been going through some of my old gear and
>> rustled up a Radio shack VHF/UHF scanner that covers ham frequencies. Do
>> you think it would be possible to hear the FM sats with it? I have a
> Depends on the scanner.  You have some possible issues to contend 
> with.  Firstly, scanners are likely to be a little deaf, compared to 
> the Kenwood, but with a decent antenna (and possibly preamp) it should 
> have the sensitivity.  Secondly, if you're in an RF heavy area, 
> intermods and image responses might cause interference.  Suck it and 
> see. :)
>> homebrew 11 element  linearly polarized yagi and I can still track the
>> sats via computer rotator control.
> That solves the antenna problem.  I'd say your chances are good.
>> I can make it where I have a short run of cable to the antennas since I
>> don't have preamps anymore.
>> I'm also wondering about using some 75ohm RG6 quad shield satellite TV
>> cable for receiving. Would this be better or worse than 9913 with the
>> scanner? Kind of grabbing at straws here but I'm wondering if anyone
>> thinks it would work before I invest too much time into it.
> The 75 ohm cable will probably work fine for receiving.  If you 
> already have the cable, suck it and see.  The most difficult part will 
> be fitting connectors to it.
> Worth a shot I'd say.
> 73 de VK3JED
> http://vkradio.com

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