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Listen for AMSAT at Rochester Hamfest

Greetings Everyone,

Again this year, AMSAT will have a booth at the Rochester (NY) Hamfest 
on June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  The following Satellite Demo(s) are 

                         AOS   LOS
   Date     Day   Sat    UTC   UTC
---------  ---  -----  ----  ----
01Jun2007  Fri  AO-27  1912  1926
01Jun2007  Fri  AO-27  2051  2105

02Jun2007  Sat  AO-51  1404  1418
02Jun2007  Sat  VO-52* 1435  1446
02Jun2007  Sat  VO-52* 1611  1624
02Jun2007  Sat  AO-27  1844  1857
02Jun2007  Sat  AO-27  2022  2037

03Jun2007  Sun  AO-51  1325  1339
03Jun2007  Sun  AO-51  1504  1516
03Jun2007  Sun  VO-52* 1630  1642
* For VO-52, I will be on (or about)
   145.910 MHz

The callsign will be "N2SPI/Portable".

If you're on any of these satellites this weekend, listen for us, give 
us "a shout", and say hello to crowd observing the demo.  We typically 
get a dozen, or more, interested observers.

If you're interested in the partially homemade portable station I'll be 
using for the FM LEO(s), go to 
"http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/information/faqs/crow";.  The radios I 
use are discussed at the end of the articles.  For the Hamfest, the 
Hamtronics LNK-450 Preamp and Alinco DJ-S40T UHF HT will be clipped to 
my belt and pants pocket on my right side. The Yaesu FT-1802M (or ICOM 
IC-2100) 2m "mobile" will be clipped to my belt on my left side.  It 
will be powered by a homemade NiMH battery pack of 11 "high-current" 
sub-C cells in my left pants pocket which easily puts out 10 amps at 
14V.  For SSB on VO-52, I'll be using a Yaesu FT-290 and FT-790 both 
clipped to my belt.  This allows me to walk about looking for the best 
location to access a given satellite.

-Richard, N2SPI

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