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Re: Using a scanner to hear the FM sats?

At 01:23 PM 5/31/2007, Edward Cole wrote:

>Good points Tony.  If the scanner is mounted near the antenna 5-10 
>foot then RG-6 is not worse than 9913, but for long runs of 50-feet 
>or more the 9913 wins.  I would try to have a preamp as the scanner 
>is probably quite "deaf"!  Another issue is whether the scanner can 
>be programmed in 1-KHz steps.  If limited to 5-KHz or more then 
>tuning Doppler will be a challenge.

Well, many of us manage 5 kHz steps on a HT, so a scanner is no 
different, 5 kHz is sufficient in a pinch, and the IF of the scanner 
is likely to be a little "broad" on the passband edges.  As for the 
coax, I'd definitely try the RG6 first.

73 de VK3JED

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