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Re: RAFT is coming down! Grab telemetry

RAFT is de-orbiting within the next 12 hours or so. 

It will arrive much earlier than any prediction based on
Keplarian Elements because they are always too old.  Best bet is
to start 20 minutes early and point your beam towards AOS and
where it will get about 10 deg above the horizon and wait.  Then
manually follow the short 3 minutes along the track...

- Who will get the last telemetry?
- How hot will it get before telemetry dies?

We need worldwide operators collecting telemetry packets if they
want to capture the last packet.

See the live temperature plot on the RAFT-RE_ENTRY WEB PAGE...

We particularly need data from the southern hemisphere where the
passes are in the sun and will show the highest temps...

Tune in 145.825 1200 baud AX.25 packet.  And even with a small
antenna, on the two overhead passes per day, you should get at
least one telemetry packet.  They are every 10 seconds..  Each
one begins with a unique serial T#nnn and so we can merge
different captures from different folks.


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