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Re: actuator

At 01:45 AM 5/28/2007, w7lrd@comcast.net wrote:
>Has anyone tried an actuator for an elevation?  I have checked out-
>I want to add a four foot primestar to what I already have (2M 70M 
>and a 36x30 primestar dish.  With all this hardware I will be over 
>working my g5400.  I would probably have to replace the split 
>fiberglass boom with a longer metal one.  Then we get into the old 
>metal vs insulated boom.I have some old 'C' band receivers that have 
>actuator controls in them.


Actuators are in common use for elevation with eme antennas (yagi 
arrays and dishes).

I use an actuator for elevation of my four M2-xpol-20 x-yagis (each 
21-foot long booms), plus I have two 12-foot 1296 and one 7-foot 902 
loop-yagis mounted inside the array.  The H-frame is 3" diam. 12-foot 
long cross-boom with 12-foot long 1.5" riser masts with fiberglass 
tips.  The elevation bracket weighs 70-lbs.  Total weight is probably 
well over 100-lbs. and the actuator handles it easily.  Lots of wind 
area in this 12x12x 21 foot mess.

On my satellite setup I use a 6-foot aluminum cross-boom (2m KLM-22C; 
70cm 435CP42) plus a 33-inch offset feed dish for 2.4 GHz.  No 
problems with use of metal cross-boom with antennas mounted in the 
"X" configuration (and feedline tied tight to boom and cross-boom).

I would eliminate the elevation part of the G5400 if you decide on an 
actuator.  In fact, before I got my B5400 I was using an used 
actuator arm on my satellite antennas (2m&70cm x-yagis).

Only caveat is that the actuator moves slowly and may not be fast 
enough to track Leos in overhead passes (I haven't actually made any 
calculation on this, though).

Ed - KL7UW
  BP40IQ   50-MHz - 10-GHz   www.kl7uw.com
144-EME: FT-847, mgf-1801, 4x-xpol-20, 185w
DUBUS Magazine USA Rep dubususa@hotmail.com

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