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Re: No Help

George W3VVP wrote:

>What has happened to amateur radio? A week ago I put out a request for help
>for my 736R which I use for satellite work. As of this date I have received
>zilch,0,nothing in reply. Are there no more ham repair people out there or
>is everybody an appliance operator???? George W3VVP

No, you posted an email with the less-than-informative subject
"Help" on 19 May, which nobody noticed. Please do not
insult list readers for the lack of response: nobody is going
to read such a post.

If you were a little more specific (e.g. "Help - 736 won't TX"),
it might have gotten a better response. Even then, there are
no guarantees. There never are. We aren't your personal
engineering staff.

I've repaired a 736 myself (blown power supply after a
lightning storm), and wired in a 38k4 demodulator, but
that was a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

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