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RAFT Status over Europe - Report May 27 (report 2)

Time in UTC         Ele. Results summary:
00:43:39-00:48:37    4°  very low, DK3WN detected one packet from RAFT
00:14:00-00:21:22   28°  PA3GUO digipeated via RAFT
01:45:52-01:53:34   83°  PA3GUO had poor reception; could not test C RAFT
                         DK3WN & PE1ITR had good reception
03:18:00-03:25:40   67°  report will follow
04:50:13-04:57:03   14°  report will follow

Detailed report:
RAFT is 1..2 minutes ahead of current keps, which makes automated
directing of antennes during high elevation passes very difficult.

Voltage is climbed from ~7.7V to 8.1V, during the 01:49UTC in the dark
pass, not sure why at the end it went all the way up to 8.1V though.
20070527014955 : RAFT BEACON,SGATE,qAO,PE1ITR:
20070527014624 : RAFT]BEACON,SGATE,qAo,DK3WN-1:

Digipeating worked fine during the 00:14UTC pass:
20070527001406 : PA3GUO-8]APRS,RAFT*,qAo,DK3WN-1:BTEXT =5123.39N/00526.23E

DK3WN and PE1ITR Igated all traffic, see:
http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/pcsat.cgi for all data

Henk, PA3GUO

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