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Dayton Jump Kit

At Dayton, Mendlesons was selling 12 VDC Jump Start 12VDC
battery sets with 400W inverters for $10 AS-IS (something wrong
with each).  But the 18 AH battery was worth it alone....

I bought two.

For one, I just charged the battery, and left the blown fuses in
the AC inverter.  Everything else worked.  The inverter was
smoked and so I wont use that feature.

For B.  The 400W AC inverter worked, but the DC switch panel
didn't and left a constant load on the battery.  So the hack
shown on this web page made for a 10 minute bypassing of the
switch panel while letting everything else work properly.

See http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/DaytonJunk.GIF

They were selling them by the dozens.  Thought someone else
might find this useful.  Bob

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