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Indoor tracking at Dayton!

Use your D7 to find each other at Dayton, anytime, anywhere,
including indoor.  No GPS dongle needed.

The D7 and APRS is not just GPS!  The only people who need GPS
are those that are lost or moving.  Use your D7.  Put something
useful in it.  It can hold three posits as is, and it only takes
a tweak of 2 digits to put yourself anywhere within the
HAMvention complex or Dayton area...  

Just take a note card with your favorite locations in and around
Dayton where you will be hanging out and manually enter your
posit when you sit down for a while.  Your favorite bar,
restaurant, motel, meeting, etc.  Here are some examples on the
grounds of the Hamvention:

Basic HARA posit is 3949.yyN and 08415.xxW  Then tweak the X and
Y digits whenever you hang out in one of these rooms.  This list
proceeds diagonally from the front Traffic light to the extreme
NW corner of the Hamvention fleamarket/parking area.  In fact,
cut this out and tape on the back of your HT:

yy/xx Location
----- ----------
19,24 Traffic light
23,28 East Hall
23,33 Ballarena
26,33 Food court
26,37 Forum rooms
27,32 North Hall
29,38 Arena
36,62 Extreme NW corner of the Flea Market/parking lot area
3946.87N/8406.60W TAPR/AMSAT meeting at AF museum

Anywhere in between is trival to estimate using the above
figures assuming you have even a basic sense of direction..
Each hundredths digit is 60 feet.

Trying to find someone?  Just enter your estimated posit above,
and then your D7 will show you the distance and range to them
(if they are updating).
Don't just leave some stupid old posit in your D7 that has
nothing to do with reality.

If nothing else, enter 3949.2-N and 08415.3-W and set position
ambiguity to 1 digit, and this will show the world that you are
basically inside the building complex.

See  ya there.  On the road enroute Thursday afternoon.


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