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Re: Demos from Dayton this Week

Walking by a demonstration at Dayton Hamvention last year piqued an
interest that led me to a really fascinating aspect of amateur radio.
Having only a handheld FM setup, I have not had an opportunity to
witness any SSB or CW contacts.  I'll be sure to be present for a VO-52

Is there any chance that a PacSat demonstration could happen on G0-32?
APRS via ANDE, RAFT, or NO-44 might be interesting to some people also.
I realize that demonstrating all these modes might require so many
volunteer hours that it is not feasible.  Can't hurt to ask though.

Randy - KI4LMR

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Satellite Demonstrations from the Dayton Hamvention are planned for the
following satellite passes:

WinAos   QTH: -84.3/39.8   T#: 10729   Sat.: 6 [Standard]
     Day     Object       AOS (L) LOS Period maxEl   AZ
 18.05.2007  SO-50        08:12 08:25    13   60  324 - 159

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