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Re: Feed Line Loss @ Freq vs. Price

> This is true.  However, the connectors you must put in line from past the
> rotator
> to regular LMR-600 to the station would likely eat up all the delta in
> loss!

To continue the thread accurately - we now need to know how lossy specific
connectors are.

All of these "runs" described so far are about 40', a "typical" number for
a small tower or structure many hams might have... but if you're running
100' up a tower or structure... the clear winner starts to emerge...

1/2" (or bigger!) hardline with a short jumper of something flexible at
the top and high-quality N-connectors at that junction.

Right?  Feel free to do the math... if you can find real world numbers for
connector losses that you trust.

Also keep in mind if you ever plan on "re-purposing" any of the cable runs
up the tower for duplexed service (going to put a repeater on the tower
via one of your runs of cable), LMR is a very VERY poor choice for
duplexing... its design leads to noise and desense problems.  Not a
problem in non-duplexed service, though.

Nate Duehr, WY0X

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