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Re: Second transponder on AO-51 at field day

The new ARRL rule change I spearheaded may be confusing the issue. It states " Stations are limited to one (1) completed QSO on any single channel FM satellite." so it is really the same as the AMSAT rules. I'm not really sure why this hadn't been addressed previously given the chaos on the FM satellites on Field Day, but I'm glad it's fixed now. Hopefully it will make a difference.

Part of the decision to run the L/U repeater concurrently was based on the desire to provide a mode that encouraged and rewarded a slightly more difficult setup with a less crowded repeater, while still accommodating normal V/U ops.

73, Drew KO4MA

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>From: Bruce <kk5do@arrl.net>
>Sent: May 3, 2007 11:47 PM
>To: John Price <n4qwf1@gmail.com>, amsat-bb@amsat.org
>Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: Second transponder on AO-51 at field day
>I don't know where you got the idea you could not make a contact on each 
>transponder of AO-51. If you look at the rules below, which appear in 
>the Official AMSAT Field Day Rules, it specifically states "EACH 
>SATELLITE TRANSPONDER is considered to be a separate band." That means 
>if both transponders are turned on for AO-51, then you can have "ONE" 
>contact on each "single-channel FM satellite". There are two-channels, 
>thus one contact on each for a total of two.
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>from official rules
>- Each phone, CW, and digital segment ON EACH SATELLITE TRANSPONDER is 
>considered to be a separate band.
>- CW and digital (RTTY, PSK-31, etc.) contacts count THREE points each.
>- Only one contact is allowed via each single-channel FM satellite, 
>AO-27 (1 phone), SO-41 (1 phone), SO-50 (1 phone), AO-51 (1 phone 
>regardless of mode; PBBS-see Pacsats below), ISS (1 phone and 1 
>digital), PCSat (I, II, etc.) (1 digital), etc.
>John Price wrote:
>> If you have all ready received this please excuse the dupe. I never
>> saw it in my mailbox from amsat-bb so I don't know if it got
>> forwarded. I sent it to you and the bbs. I should have received it
>> back but never did. Thanks
>> I read the article in the journal concerning field 2007. I understand
>> that on the FM satellites only one contact is allowed for credit. Last
>> year when AO-51 was configured for the QRP operation on the second
>> transponder we were allowed two contacts via AO-51. Since the decision
>> has been made to use Mode-L on this second transponder why not allow
>> two contacts again this year? I see no reason for field day stations
>> to make the effort on Mode-L if they can get there one credit on mode
>> V/u. I guess there is a valid reason for the Mode-L on field day. I
>> would guess it would be to motivate stations to use it. Just my
>> thoughts for your consideration.
>> 73's << John
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