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Re: Second transponder on AO-51 at field day

I don't know where you got the idea you could not make a contact on each 
transponder of AO-51. If you look at the rules below, which appear in 
the Official AMSAT Field Day Rules, it specifically states "EACH 
SATELLITE TRANSPONDER is considered to be a separate band." That means 
if both transponders are turned on for AO-51, then you can have "ONE" 
contact on each "single-channel FM satellite". There are two-channels, 
thus one contact on each for a total of two.

AMSAT Director of Contests and Awards

from official rules


- Each phone, CW, and digital segment ON EACH SATELLITE TRANSPONDER is 
considered to be a separate band.

- CW and digital (RTTY, PSK-31, etc.) contacts count THREE points each.

- Only one contact is allowed via each single-channel FM satellite, 
AO-27 (1 phone), SO-41 (1 phone), SO-50 (1 phone), AO-51 (1 phone 
regardless of mode; PBBS-see Pacsats below), ISS (1 phone and 1 
digital), PCSat (I, II, etc.) (1 digital), etc.


John Price wrote:
> If you have all ready received this please excuse the dupe. I never
> saw it in my mailbox from amsat-bb so I don't know if it got
> forwarded. I sent it to you and the bbs. I should have received it
> back but never did. Thanks
> I read the article in the journal concerning field 2007. I understand
> that on the FM satellites only one contact is allowed for credit. Last
> year when AO-51 was configured for the QRP operation on the second
> transponder we were allowed two contacts via AO-51. Since the decision
> has been made to use Mode-L on this second transponder why not allow
> two contacts again this year? I see no reason for field day stations
> to make the effort on Mode-L if they can get there one credit on mode
> V/u. I guess there is a valid reason for the Mode-L on field day. I
> would guess it would be to motivate stations to use it. Just my
> thoughts for your consideration.
> 73's << John


Bruce Paige, KK5DO

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