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New Satellite launch prediction

Nanosatellite Launch System 4
Launch Date: June 30, 2007
Launch Vehicle: Antrix Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PLSV)
Separation System: XPOD (5), Cute Separation System (1)
Spacecraft Complement:
CanX-2 (Canada), AAUsat-2 (Denmark), Cute-1.7+APD II (Japan),
COMPASS-1 (Germany), Delfi-C3 (Netherlands), SEEDS (Japan)

Satellite         Uplink       Downlink     Mode
CANX-2            70cm         13cm         Not AX.25, 2m CW
AAUSAT-II         437.425      437.425      1200bd AFSK, 9600bd FSK, CW
COMPASS-1            .            .         9600bd FSK, CW
DELFI-C3          435.570-530  145.880-920  Inverting
DELFI-C3             .         145.870      1200bd BPSK, CW
CUTE 1.7+APD II  1267.6        437.475      AX.25/SRLL
CUTE 1.7+APD II      .         437.275      CW
SEEDS                .         437.485      CW


de JE9PEL, Mineo Wakita

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