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Quoting John Hackett <archie.hackett@hotmail.com>:

> I read quite recently a post on the Amsat-bb
> wherea particular station was "explaining" that one *NEEDS* a linear 
> amplifier to work AO-7.
> Absolutely *not* true ... (using an aerial !!!!! might have 
> helped.....LA2QAA & GM1SXX).

We should note that the same problem seems to exist on VO-52, too. About a
week ago I monitored a pass and was astonished to see a QSO in progress
which was about 5 S-units above the beacon. As I was trying to figure out
what was up, the conversation revealed all: the station producing this
formidable signal explained that it has a 22x22 beam on an az/el rotor and
was using 20W of uplink power! The returning station, rather than
suggesting QRP, congratulated his partner on an "excellent, strong signal"
(which happened to be FM'ing the beacon like crazy.)

As our station improves, we need to lower our uplink power to maintain the
same EIRP. If you're a newcomer to the SSB/CW birds, don't let these
concerns deter you from getting your feet wet: just listen for the beacon
at the beginning of the pass, and start with a downlink signal about this
level. Those of us who have become accustomed to satellite operation should
have the courage to recommend lower power to those with whom we're
conversing, and should, as always, strive to improve our reception.

73, Bruce
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