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Devices needed and a short contact list for AO-51

Greetings all!

I have a dire need for several GaAs FETs to rebuild
some preamps I blew up a couple of years ago, and I
have nothing in stock anymore, and they are
desperately needed.

Here's the 'list' of these parts.

ATF21186 (Qty. 4 needed)

ATF10736 (Qty. 4 needed)

If anybody has at least two of either device and is
willing to sell/trade them, I would love to talk to

Many thanks for your help!

Now...On to the contacts.

4.17.07: 17:38 UTC

4.18.07: 03:31 UTC
K6YK, John, CM97

4.18.07: 03:35 UTC
N5IAY, Wm. Boyer, EM51

4.18:07: 16:21 UTC
W6ZQ, DM42, Ronald Cade

4.19:07: 03:54 UTC
K7EFZ, DN33, Alan Fielding

4.19.07: 16:31 UTC
N7EQF, CN84, Albert Ozias

I hope all of the above listed contacts are not in
error, but if they are, I appologize as I am 'deaf'
without my preamp, but I am doing the best I can with
what is available.

Thank you to everybody for making AO-51 and all
satellite contacts 'FUN' again!

* I still miss UO-14 though*

Please feel free to Email me directly to confirm all
contacts at: aec9823@yahoo.com

Ernest A. Erickson, KA9UCE, DM43ha

Ernest A. Erickson, KA9UCE
Applied Electronic Communications, AEC
10711 East Verbina Lane
Florence, AZ. 85232

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