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Re: FO-29 Heard Sat Apr 21 2007 10:30 UTC

Disregard my earlier post that FO-29 was heard this morning. After
reading the many other post about it not being heard at all, it got me
to thinking. A dangerous thing. So I reset my PC clock back to 10:25
UTC and fired up SatPC32, which I used for Doppler correction, and
UA9OV CW Type to generate a CW CQ Beacon. 

Low and behold I heard myself again, but this time FO-29 was located
over the South Pole. Seems I have a weak, self generated, birdie that
occurs at or near one of FO-29 down link frequencies.

My error !!  Sorry if I got any hopes up and NOW I really pray FO-29 is

Keith N4ZQ

-- "Keith N4ZQ" <n4zq@netzero.net> wrote:
Briefly, and I emphasize briefly, heard my own CW CQ on the 16 degree
pass of FO-29 this morning. The signal only showed up about midway into
the pass and lasted less than a minute. The satellite was barely in
sunlight heading to eclipse. Signal was weak but sounded normal, no
FMing noted.

Can only hope it's recoverable.

Keith N4ZQ
EL88 Florida 


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