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Re: WANTED - FEX-736-1.2

Larry expunged (n1miw@cox.net):

> Trying to put together a 1.2GHz (or Ghz OR ghz???:-) )station for contests

Funny you should mention that (Ghz or ghz), Kent Britain brought this topic up today on the Micrwave mailing list:

>From: Kent Britain <wa5vjb@flash.net>
>Subject: [Mw] mhz MHz MhZ mHz MHZ etc.
>It's April 1st so a good time to throw this in even if it's not a joke.
>A few years ago, to honor Dr. Hertz for his early work with
>electromagnetic waves,  Cycles Per Second were Changed to Hertz.
>It is customary for Capalitize a family name.   So it is Hz  not hz.
>Capital M is the designation for  Mega  or 1,000,000
>Small m is the desigation for milli   or 1/1000
>Thus on 144 MHz a radio wave is just over 2 Meters long.
>On 144 mHz a radio wave is 1.29 Million Miles long
>Or on 144 mHz (There is no 144 mhz) a quarter wave whip
>would get clipped by the moon.
>Think    Hz   MHz  GHz
>73's Kent WA5VJB


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