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Re: Upcoming Cubesat Launch

G0MRF@aol.com wrote:
> Can anyone confirm that Cape 1 sends a combination
> of 9600 packet and CW transmissions?
> _http://ulcape.org/wiki/CAPE1_Telemetry_ 
> (http://ulcape.org/wiki/CAPE1_Telemetry) 
> I don't have 9600 but I can do CW !
> Lets hope the launch delay is not too long
> Regards
> David G0MRF

During normal modes of operation, CAPE-1 will transmit a CW telemetry 
beacon once a minute with a 9600 baud transmission, also once a minute 
but interleaved with the CW.  So, CAPE-1 will transmit a CW beacon and 
then 30 seconds later transmit a series of 9600 baud AX.25 packets.  
During low power modes the satellite will first drop out high speed 
packets (CW only with a one minute spacing) and later start spacing out 
the CW beacon.  As per http://ulcape.org/wiki/CAPE1_Telemetry it will 
take three CW beacons or one high speed transmission to get a complete 
health "snapshot" of the satellite and we will appreciate anyone copying CW.

Jonathan Wagner, KE5FSG

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