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ISS Columbus Antennas

Hi Fred,

I can understand your hesitation. But it should be noted that the 
ARISS Columbus patch antennas have to withstand acoustic vibration 
tests of up to 49G. This is because of the launch of Columbus in a 
Shuttle bay where the boosters induce strong vibrations. The first 
antennas failed these tests and new are being developed to cope with 
these constraints. ESA and NASA set very high constraints for the 
ISS. That has a price.

Gaston, ON4WF


At 05:10 15/03/2007, Fred A Parker wrote:
     I am currently working on the microwave patch antenna's for 
Eagle with Lou Mc Faddin W5DID and Stan Wood.    Pay me for the 
materials and I will make you a few copies.     I can even alter them 
to your mounting configuration.  I am sure Lou and Stan could tweak 
them for a nominal fee.  Materials should cost less than 100.00$ 
US.    I could not in good conscience be a part in any way to paying 
anyone 100 grand for a couple simple antenna's.

Fred,   KF0AK

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