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Re: Sequencer

At 06:29 AM 3/12/2007, Edward Cole wrote:
>At 05:15 AM 3/12/2007, Stargate wrote:
> >Is a sequencer needed when using a 160w switchable preamp from ARR?
> >(Advanced Receiver Research)
> >
> >Thanks,
> >RoD
> >KD0XX
>Let's analyze this:
>You send a voltage to run the preamp.  It needs voltage to switch to
>Tx mode.  When RF from your transmitter arrives it switches over to
>bypass the preamp.  I would guess if you turn off the power to the
>unit, it can't operate correctly, so how is a sequencer going to
>help?  I have not owned one of these units so not familiar with their
>power wiring.  If you have two 12 volt power contacts then you might
>run the preamp separately from a sequencer.

I had one thought after I sent the above:  if the ARR switchable 
preamp defaults into bypass when unpowered, then you could connect it 
like any other preamp using a sequencer.  When the sequencer shuts 
off power to the preamp it would switch into transmit configuration 
bypassing the preamp circuit.    I would read the literature with the 
preamp to ascertain how it operates or contact ARR and ask them.

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