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Re: Re-emerging into First Life

> What a step forward! I applaud your determination and will 
> visit you soon at 
> the ISM. Watch for me (Hyperion DeCuir aka VE4NSA). You 
> pointed out that 
> Second Life (SL) is not for everyone and I totally agree. 

Interesting move, one which I think is a great idea.  I haven't got into
Second Life myself, but I can see the benefits of having a presence there.
I don't have enough time to spend in the real world, let alone a virtual one
as well! :) 

> Unfortunately, too 
> many folks escape into virtual reality and get lost. 
> Ultimately we want them 
> to come to us in real life, especially amateur radio. It will 
> be interesting 
> to discuss how we could accomplish that using a tool like SL. 

A whole new ball game.  One of these days, I might have to get into SL just
to see what happens there, like being a virtual tourist visiting a new
country. :)

> At the same 
> time, I also agree with the notion on having the website more 
> interactive 
> and animated. The danger is that it will require folks like 
> you to spend so 
> much time to get it done. To go with your educational and 

Interactivity is a great thing, but animation can cut both ways.  Properly
done, it can really enhance the functionality of the site (think orbital
projections, being able to examine 3D models of satellites, etc), or
tutorials on working the different kinds of satellites.  Badly done,
animation is something which impedes usage of the site (Hands up who hates
those Flash animations on the front page of company sites?).  And of course,
someone has to maintain it.

> training theme, I 
> have always wondered why we don' t have any online courses 
> for our members 
> and non-members that would make the website a great 
> e-learning portal and 
> encourage learning and participation.

Agreed there.
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