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Re: Shuttle and Station Together

> At about 1801 tonight (local VA time), the XYL and I had a 
> tremendous view of the Shuttle and Space Station zipping 
> across the night sky.  I arrived home from work only minutes 
> before and thus did not know the Shuttle had departed the 
> station this afternoon.  That fact became obvious when we 
> obtained our first glimpse.  The typical bright, singular 
> "dot" was quite oblong in shape.  At the highest elevation 
> (about 40 degrees), two points of light became discernible 
> with the naked eye.  Using a pair of 9x63 binoculars...two 
> very distinct points of light were easily visible throughout 
> the pass.  If you have a visible opportunity coming your way, 
> take a look!  I get a rush from that kind of thing...but then 
> I must be weird!

Not at all, a few years ago, we had the neighbours (on both sides!)
spellbound watching ISS and the Shuttle moving across the sky.  And these
were a couple of elderly women at that.  No, I think you'll find you're
pretty normal. :-) 
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