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Hello all first post

Hello everybody.

This is my first post and really just testing.

Name: Stephen K THORNBER
Age: Yes
Location: Leicester, England, UK
Call: G6SGA
Computers: PC dual screens reasonable spec and my new baby a
MAC powerbook  running OS X Tiger. With a whopping great big screen.

I am just getting interested in Satellite and I have decide to equip myself
with relevant tools and information over the winter months and to I hope
start working something early in the new year.

SO I may be looking for lots of assistance.

I have an FT817 and I have an IC2410H, that however is not in perfect health
at the moment.

What I do not have and am not to good with is quality antenna systems,
rotors etc. I do not know what to look for really.

Having said that I have
High Sierra Motorised HF Whip
And 10m Center Fed Dipole

VHF / UHF Vertical
VHF Folded dipole.

QUESTION: I have only got about £100 (USD 150+/-) to spend on an aerial
specifically for the Satellite work would the [Tonna (20899) 2m/70cm Oscar
Special 9/19 el yagi] be a good place to start?

I do not have any rotars as of yet so I would appreciate guidance on good,
reasonably priced, rotars and more importantly perhaps which bit fits on
which bit and in what order to put the mast(pole) Rotar together. This may
all be too much for one session but enthusiasm is running high at the




PS would love to hear from any UK Satellite enthusiasts.

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