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Re: Is Wi-Fi Headed toward an Early Grave?

Trevor wrote:
> 802.11n will increase usage of 2.4 GHz. If you want decent range 2.4 GHz is the
> band to use not 5 GHz.
> We will continue to see increasing use of 2.4 GHz for a whole range of consumer
> devices. 
> It's why we need an Amateur Satellite allocation at 2490-2400 MHz in addition
> to 2400-2402 MHz.
> 73 Trevor M5AKA
Hi Trevor,

It's that time of the year and I'm engaged in optimistic thinking. Will 
I ever learn?

I agree 150% on getting a better 2.4 GHz satellite allocation (and 3.4 
GHz for your region).

I talked with Paul Rinaldo after his presentation at the AMSAT symposium 
and he said that if we hoped to get one within 10 to 15 years from now 
we'd better be working on it yesterday. He says it has to start with an 
AMSAT initiative to the ARRL, then through them to the FCC and then on 
to the IARU and then the WRC. Ugh - what a daunting "political" process.

Don't understand why AMSAT-NA or -UK leadership hasn't been out front 
with a campaign for allocation improvement - or if they have, why it 
isn't more visible.

Regards...Bill - N6GHz

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