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Re: Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments.

Hi John,

I know of at least one Dutch radio amateur, Jan Ottens PA0SSB who used 
his EME dish (one of the first in PA land to do EME back in those days) 
to receive the ALSEP packages. He still keeps audio tapes of these which 
I listened to a while ago... quite a thrill. He also used the dish to 
listen to the command module S-band transmissions, but he could only 
hear the subcarrier which they used, not enough gain / low NF to 
demodulate, but from the modulation you could clearly tell that an 
astronaut was talking. And, you could clearly distinguish the Doppler 
shift and hear the carrier drop out suddenly when it would go on the 
"flipside" of the moon. Makes me wish I was born a little earlier hi:)
If you like, I can give you his contact details off-list.


Wouter Jan PE4WJ

W.J. Ubbels MSc.
Delfi-C3 project manager electronic systems and communications
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
Delft University of Technology
room 8.19
Kluyverweg 1
2629 HS Delft
+31 (0)15-2784615

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