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Re: satpc32 help

-- "Erich Eichmann" <erich.eichmann@t-online.de> wrote:
Alan and Nick,
SatPC32 reads the CAT data for a particular satellite from the aux. 
Doppler.SQF which can be opened and edited from the 
menu "?", "Auxiliary
Files". The spelling of the satellite's name in this file must 
exactly match
the spelling in the Keps file. For the program FO-29 [+] is another
satellite than FO-29. Therefore it will not use the FO-29 data with 

Which begs the question, why don't the tracking software writers use 
the catalog number number instead of the satellite name? There was a 
time, I believe it was UO-11, that I found it listed under 5 
different names. Depending on who's Keps list you downloaded.

It seems to me that the catalog number remains constant and if used, 
it wouldn't matter what name they attached to it. Is there a reason 
why the name has to be used?


Keith N4ZQ


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