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Re: Help on Rotator Problem

I experienced a FAILURE of azimuth position.  Ordered a new pot, and it 
turned out that the failure was that the lead going to the wiper had 
broken.  It is very fine wire and broke due to flexing.  Poor design, in 
my opinion.  I reinforced it with some tape backed by a tiewrap in the 
appropriate place to take the stress off that connection.

Good luck!

Steve Bosshard wrote:

>Some rotors use a potentiometer in the housing to send position information
>to the control box.  Be sure the rotor cable is intact (my puppy dogs really
>like rotor cable) and if so, next look at cleaning / replacing the pot in
>the rotor housing...sb
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>Hi to the list,
>I own an Azimuth Elevation rotator
>Yaesu G-5400B.
>Since a while I am having a problem:
>When I turn the azimuth Rotator I can see that the needle when it moves it
>does not move straight but often it makes a little flick backwards of the
>turning way. Sometime it seems that the needle stops for a moment.
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