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Re: weird 847 behavior

  I ordered a new RX filter before taking the 847 apart, hence the delay
getting back with my fix. What I found was several loose screws on a couple
of the boards in the 847. In fact the only screws that were consistently
tight were the one's that I had removed/replaced when installing the Symec
wide IF mod 5 years ago, I didn't open the bottom of the radio up at that
time, so I don't know how long they may have been loose. After I buttoned up
, all is now well, full duplex is back on FM. And I have much better RX on
Ao-7 SSB, thanks to the 2.0 SSB Inrad filter ! It's about time I installed
the filter, my 847 is over 8 years old.
  So it appears the fix was a loose semi-grounded board, most notably the
AF-CNTL unit board. Thanks to everyone that emailed me privately with
their suggestions....

73 Jeff kb2m

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>  I just noticed that when I'm working  FM sats My d/l get's desenced, when
> I'm transmitting. This doesn't happen on SSB birds, only FM , and it just
> started. I also tried another Transceiver and the problem doesn't exist, I
> would think that would eliminate any problems with the antenna system,
> feedline, etc. Did anyone else ever have this problem with their 847?
> 73 Jeff kb2m

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