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YES !! RS-15 is alive !

Hello Domenico, et all aboard BB

Thanks for test and try. Perhaps there is some timer or condition that place/unplace operational the RS-15 transponder, or variable attitude hence antenna position.

What I noticed, is that on-off period of beacon is variable, sometimes the cycle is about 1 second on, 7 sec off, under that situation I was not receiving the transponder. The time where I succeed getting back my uplink was when beacon was 10 seconds on and 2 seconds off. Perhaps it varies according to pannels solar exposure.

When transponder operating, my CW replicates the same woeing that the beacon has, it means has some fming. 

Also it is possible that command station still has control over RS-15, and can set on or off transponder, or some external event is doing alike effect. That's reason I copied to control station email stated on RS-15 page.

So, I will keep trying and perhaps we could infere some pattern about transponder operation.

73, lu7abf, Pedro
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