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Re: Galileo interference on L band

Gosh!  How did we ever fly airplanes without crashing them, before satellite 

Show me a commercial pilot who would rely solely on his GPS for navigation, 
and I'll show you a pilot who doesn't belong in the cockpit!

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> Friends,
> Having said this, AMSAT planners should know that any amateur
> interference or intrusion into the GPS & Galileo "band" would be
> supremely foolish.  All the arguments about how ham radio is great in
> emergencies will count for nothing the first time an aircraft crashes
> after losing its satellite navigation due to interference.  I have been
> a ham for 35+ years and love the hobby dearly, but we must keep in mind
> that in the Big Picture, we are not very important.  The FCC and its
> European counterparts will yank our 13cm ("L" band) allocation in a
> heartbeat if we interfere with GPS/Galileo.
> 73,
> W9IP
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> Michael R. Owen, W9IP

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