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Re: The Eagle has died, my original point.

> already have. There are no other options for me, living in Western 
> Australia, Leo's are a complete waste of time and money, I 
> can talk to 

Hey, it's not much better on the eastern side!  I've largely gone quiet on
the sats for the time being, but I would like to have a crack at one of the
HEO birds when they go up.  U/V, I could probably manage now, though I need
to sort out the uplink.  S band downlink would be possible with a bit of
work (been there, covered that issue).  Higher bands at this stage are
probably prohibitively expensive.

Now, I have the luxury of being able to plant a satellite array in the
middle of the back yard! :-)  Time to use it might be more of a challenge
though. ;) 
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