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Re: S band downlink second whack on P3E

Bob wrote: (clipped)

>As are many of us.  That said,  The S transmitter is not the primary 
>mode of P3E.   The S band transmitter on P3E will be hooked to a dish.
>This dish will have a half power beam width which will limit the 
>usefulness of the S band transmitter to those times of nadir pointing.

First, let me apologize to all; if you will suffer thru me one more time.

Second, most important, if Bob McGwier were to say jump, my first 
words would be: How high!!
When he left our organization a while back, I about had a heart 
attack.   If memory serves, we had the agony of losing several of his 
caliber about the same time....I would assume (don't care to really 
know), that some sort of politics were involved, but sure glad to see 
him back!!

Third, about the same time ECHO was proposed with an FM voice 
channel.  The mode, not the frequency is what I so adamantly objected 
to. It purportedly would attract new members to help promote the 
organization's well being.  I said it would attract a bunch of 2 
meter mentality cry babies,
easy-saters, never to advance above that level.....

See if you can find out from board members what ECHO did for our 
membership numbers and/or donations to our larder...I can't.....

There is very little communication accomplished on Echo other than 
grid square, name and callsign.
The technical challenge is equal to buying a 2 meter rig, and getting 
on the numerous repeater strings around the country ?? world...

I got on ECHO shortly after it was launched, and got chewed out 
because I was "dominating the bird" after maybe several minutes of 

All ECHO communications seem to be here on the reflector, including 
the basics: name, callsign and grid square......And the proponents 
call that COMMUNICATIONS????

And if NASA wants to promote 2 meter ham communications, let them do 
it...Why do some in our organization promote just that under the 
guise of AMATEUR COMMUNICATIONS and/ or education??


It was not my intent to prefer any frequency or combination of 
frequencies, just give us ssb/cw with some sort of bandwidth to 
enable more than two users on a pass....

That said, I can certainly appreciate some user's concerns about the 
mode S vs mode C choice.

Give me any of them...I'll kludge something together to get on it, 
and to me that is what will keep my interest...P3E, Eagle, I'm 
hoggish, I want them both!!

Now if someone could find away to get the money back that was 
squandered on ECHO, it would give the EAGLE pot a heck of a boost.

I hate to make the statement, but I think AMSAT-NA is already down 
the tubes, and AMSAT-DL is our only salvation.....

Orchids for ESA's support of AMSAT-DL, and onions for NASA's attempt 
to lean on us!!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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