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Re: S band and Eagle: an appeal for a higher leveldiscussion

Quoting Joe Westbrook <k7zt@cox.net>:

> Bruce:
> Are you suggesting that "Please,, those of you who are qualified and 
> competent"  are the only folks who are worthy of a dissenting view
> regarding 
> this topic?  Please, that is precisely the attitude that turn folks off
> of 
> AMSAT-NA, that elitist attitude has no place in a HOBBY.  Particularly
> when 
> we ALL contribute to the construction of the satellites.  It just
> happens 
> that I am a professional Network Engineer (Trainer) for a
> Telecommunications 
> Company.

Sorry if I seemed rude. I had meant the description of people who are
qualified and competent to contrast with myself, whom I described before
that quotation as "not skilled or qualified". And this is a statement I
will stand by firmly :-)

Nor did I mean to suggest that people so defined are the only ones whose
opinions matter. After all, I offered my opinion! I just know that some of
the people who were writing, like yourself, have more of a means to analyze
things, do some math, consult industry predictions, etc. And I'd like you
(pl.) to prove wrong the contention that S band will be a sewer in X years.
Let's all dispassionately read the article in the Journal, the material in
Eaglepedia and see if we can find problems with it.

For instance, you argue that 5 GHz will be just as 'polluted' as 2.4 in the
near future. I'd consider it a personal favour, and I'm sure many others
would, if you were to cite what you consider authoritative studies to that

One way or another, with the kind help of the people on this list and
excellent on-air advice, I'm slowly building up my S band station and
looking forward to my first HEO contacts on P3E.

73, Bruce
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