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RE: Cheap LEO antennas

I built one of Kent's cheap yagis for 435 MHz and it worked very well.
I used PVC tubing for the mast and made the elements out of 1/4-inch
water supply line tubing, which is sold in the Lowe's and Home Depots or
any hardware store.

An interesting note--I found, after constructing the antenna, that I
could tune its center of resonance quite a ways up and down the band by
sliding the driven element slightly in or out of the boom.  What would
one call that--"trombone tuning?"  If you build one of Kent's designs,
you might consider trying that before you begin the wholesale trimming
of the driven or other elements.

Jim, K4AAF

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Those of you who would like to have an Arrow antenna, but are a bit
short of
radio money should get a copy of the Summer 2006 issue of CQ VHF and
read Kent
Britain's article on "Cheap Antennas for LEO Satellites".  Having built
of Kent's Cheap Yagiis for 144 through 1296, I am convinced that if you
his instructions and work carefully you will get a good antenna very
inexpensively.  Based on my experience with these antennas, there are a
comments I would like to make.

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