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Re: TS790 SSTV hook-up

To receive SSTV, it's as simple as a cable from the speaker out or the 
receive audio pin of the aux connector on the rig, to the line in jack on 
your sound card.  To transmit SSTV, you'll either need to build a simple 
1-transistor PTT interface and an attenuator for the audio out of your sound 
card to the mike jack or aux connector of the rig, or purchase one of the 
many commercial interfaces out there (Rigblaster, MFJ, SignaLink, etc.)  The 
design for a basic interface is included in the help file for MM-SSTV, and 
several more sophisticated designs can be found on the Web.   I actually 
modified an old MFJ-1272B microphone/TNC switch to serve as mine.

George, KA3HSW

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> Hi folks, can some kind guy please send me the hook-up required between 
> the
> TS790 and the computer so i can use the sound card for SSTV. 73 de VE6ITV
> Scott
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